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Two-tailed Cat Costume with ears – Nekomata


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Day 2 of 30 days of costumes! This is a double-tailed cat set. Both tails connect to the same base for a unique split effect. There is a wire in the lower portion of each tail allowing them to be curled up or down a little bit.

The tail shown is sold! But if you’d like to order one to be made I can make one like it – please allow 3 weeks for processing time (it’s double the sewing of all my other sets being two tails, and it’s all handwork) But I’m happy to remake this if anyone wants!

The tail attaches by hidden belt loop, and also comes with a stainless steel ball chain for easy hanging and in case you’d rather clip it to a belt loop (this one is a little heavier since it’s a twinset so a belt would probably be the most effective)

Black cat ears on a satin covered metal headband round out this set. It was a lot of sewing and I’m happy with how this one came out.

I’ll be adding a few more images shortly of the ears, and more angles of the tail.

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