Red black and white new fox set – 2 pairs of ears-tail and wrist fluffs

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Full fox set including a bonus pair of ears as well as velcro wrist fluffs.

I’m very happy with how this set came out, and since I have two lovely versions of ears I’ll include one of each the older shorter matching red, and the new fluffy version.

Tail attaches by a hidden belt loop, and the wrist fluffs close with some sewn in velcro. The wrist fluffs fit wrists around 7 and a half inches, and if you need larger fluffs please let me know in a comment along with a measurement of your wrist size so I can adjust a pair for you.

If you’d like to buy any of these separately I have a split up listing that I can link in the linked product section – The Cuffs are $20, solid red ears would be $15, and the two toned version shown here are $20 (and come in a few other variations – white tips, black on the tips, more black at the base, less black etc) and the tail seperately is $55.

Thank you for looking!


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