Wrist fluffs – rust red 7.5″ circumference

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A simple pair of wrist cuffs in a soft silky red fox color.

This pair is around 7 and a half inches around the wrist part, and a few inches wide with the fur pile. If you’re purchasing these alongside a tail and ear set please take $5 off as a set discount (I can make a combined listing if it’s a custom project)

Just a hint of fur to give your costume a nice pop. Currently I am securing these with handsewn velcro.

In addition to this fur here, I have a few others on hand I could make into cuffs that I will try and get listed for variety.

I have yellow, black, white, silvery grey,  orange, aqua, and pink/purple, light pink, tan, dark brown, light purple, light blue, lime green and natural realistic red fox fake fur on hand now that I can cut and finish.

I can absolutely also do bright red, dark blue, green, and a few others but I’d have to add a bit of extra shipping time since I’m low on furstock and would have to wait for the fur to arrive after your order is put in. I’m happy to order fur, it just adds time so I wanted to make sure to mention that in case you need them very soon.

I’ll put them all under the wrist cuffs category so they can be easily found.


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